Artist’s Commission Agreement

Beckie Bray (Artist).

The client wishes to commission the Artist to create an artistic portrait of the subject of the client’s choice. By entering this contract, the Client acknowledges that they have reviewed other work of the artist and are familiar with the Artist’s style. Examples of the artist’s work can be viewed at http://www.beckiebray.com or www.facebook.com/beckiebray.art

In consideration of the Artist’s services (including labor, equipment and materials), the Client shall pay Artist the total purchase price agreed[including P&P] in two [2] installments* [unless Client chooses to pay in full up front] as follows:

– The first installment  shall be paid upon the date of reading and agreeing to this Agreement and is non-refundable. 

– The final payment shall be paid within seven [7] working days on the completion of the finished Commissioned Work [a digital image will be sent via email for the client to approve before paying]. 

* Instalments in Three [3] or more payments may be available. If agreed to pay in three [3] or more instalments, please see the contact for instalments for terms and conditions.
Instalments not available for sale price items

The Artist shall make every effort to execute the Commissioned Work to the satisfaction of the Client. If alterations are to be made, the Client will inform the Artist before approving the digital image.

Sketches – One [1] alteration may be requested free of charge upon completion of the Commissioned Work. Any further alterations after this has been made will be charged for based on time taken to complete.

Detailed Portraits – two [2] alterations may be requested free of charge upon completion of the Commission Work. Any further alterations after this has been made will be charged for based on the time taken to complete.

Multiple small alterations may be made per request.

Alterations only include small changes to the portrait. The Client acknowledges that large scale alterations are not viable [i.e. removing subject, completely altering pose, changing large base of colours etc.] and if they are viable, an extra charge to the final total may be made for any large scale alternations that are the Clients responsibility [i.e., adding/removing something or colour/pose changes that need to be requested at start of portrait.] 

When the portrait is completed, a digital image will be provided [for both Sketches and Detailed Portraits] for the Client to approve before final payment.

The Client will provide the reference photographs, and holds all responsibility for them. The Artist claims no responsibility for the copyright of the images, and the Client should provide copyright free, public domain or copyright owned by themselves photographs. If Client wishes to use a copyrighted photograph, consent by the owner of copyright will be required.
The Client will also provide true-to-life reference photos. The Artist can hold no responsibility for portraits completed from photographs that do not bear a good resemblance to the subject.

All Original and Commissioned Work is copyrighted in Artist’s name – Beckie Bray. Artist also retains ownership of all rights to any preliminary drawings or sketches which may be made in connection with the execution of the Commissioned Work.

The copyright to reproduce the works in copies/prints, derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and to distribute copies is retained by the Artist.

Purchase of a original artwork does not transfer the copyrights, they still stay in the artist’s name.

No copies of any type of the Commissioned Work may be made by the Client.

Any transfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights are being sold and for what purpose.  

Artist will own the right to show the piece in any portfolio, and will retain computer files/pictures of work for use in exhibits, including Artist’s website and any marketing material.

The artwork will remain an original, and no reproductions will be made by the Artist unless Client gives express permission. However, if requested, the Client can be notified if work is intended to be used, and may request that the portrait is kept off websites until a later date if the work has been commissioned as a gift.
Unless requested otherwise, the original photograph provided by the client as a reference
 may be used alongside the commissioned work on Artist’s website, although no copyright by the Artist shall be claimed on photograph. The Artist agrees to maintain the anonymity of the subject if requested.

The artist can hold no responsibility for items posted. Portraits are packaged to guidelines and no refunds can be given if the portrait is damaged in transit. All claims need to be made to the postage company used. Help will be given in the extremely unlikely even this occurs. Items are covered for £50 by postage, but insurance can be increased on request.

By placing the deposit, The Client
  agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in this contract.