How Instalments Work

Here’s the thing, I know original, commissioned portraits are a luxury item. I know that you may want a big, full colour one, and you ask for a quote and it’s hundreds. It’s hundreds because it’s hours upon hours of work, but still, hundreds.

I can’t afford that all in one go, you think, but I really want it…

And that’s where instalment packages come in.

First thing first – it will not cost you more to pay this way.
I offer instalments because I understand that it’s sometimes easier to pay for something over a period of time instead of in two lump sums.

So how do they work? Okay, here’s the details:



– Your first payment will secure your order, price and timeslot, however please note that your portrait will not be started until 50% of the total price has been paid. – You will not be charged any extra to pay in instalments if you choose to pay via bank transfer/direct debit. You can choose to pay via paypal, but will be charged a small fee on all but two payments to cover the extra fees incurred. [For example, if you choose 6 payments of £50 via paypal, you would pay £2.50 extra on four of those payments. I can quote the fees as soon as I know the cost of payments].
– Even if the portrait has been completed before you have finished paying your instalments, you will not receive the portrait until total price, including P&P has been paid.
– Late payments will incur interest fees. A charge of 0.5% of the total cost of your portrait will be added to your bill for every extra day late the payment is after the final payment was due to be paid.
– If choosing to pay via instalments, you will be sent a list of dates, and amounts to pay on those dates, as well as this list of terms and conditions. By paying your first instalment, you are agreeing to pay the amounts listed on the dates provided, and that you fully understand all the terms and conditions listed.
What Happens If Instalments Are Not Paid?

– If you would like to continue with your payments, it’s okay if you need to skip an instalment. I understand that sometimes things happen unexpectedly that may prevent you from paying that particular amount on the date agreed.
The options for a missed payment is to either add it onto the next or final payment, or simply raise the remaining instalment amounts, however, please make sure you contact me to let me know.
– If you need to pause your payments due to personal circumstances, please let me know as soon as possible. I will need an estimate as to when you can return to paying instalments, and if started – the work on your portrait will also be paused.
What Happens If I Can’t Or Don’t Want To Pay Further Instalments?
– If you haven’t paid the 50% of the price, and therefore your portrait hasn’t been started, you will receive a refund of half of whatever you have paid so far, as long as the payment is over £20 – in the case it is not, I will retain the entire amount. [The reason you will not receive the full amount of instalments returned is simply because I may have had to turn down other work to take on your commission. Normally, the entire 50% deposit is non-refundable.]
– If you have paid over 50% of the price and your portrait has been started, I will retain the entire amount of any instalments you have paid.
– If the portrait has been completed and you can no longer pay, I will hold onto the portrait for a further 8 weeks, and if you change your mind during that time, instalments can be restarted [however you may incur a small amount of interest if original date of the final payment is passed].
– If after those 8 weeks, you choose not to continue with your payments, I reserve the right to sell the portrait. You will be given 7 days notice that the portrait will be put on sale. You may then purchase the portrait by paying the remaining instalments [and any interest] in full during those 7 days, but you can not refuse me the right to sell the portrait on if you choose not to purchase it yourself


How do I set up instalments?

– Contact me and get a quote for a portrait.
– Let me know you want to pay in instalments
– Let me know how much you would like to pay and when. [For example, £50 every four weeks]
– Place the first deposit
– Done!

Hope that helps!

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