How To Order A Portrait

A quick guide on how to order!

Assuming you are already familiar with my work and have already seen my portraits, your first stop should probably be the Price List here.

(If you haven’t checked out my current work, the largest selection of images can be seen on Facebook or instagram. There are photos of completed work, but also a lot of work in progress images, so you can see how the portraits come along)

On the price list you will see the price ranges for each size portrait. You will also see the two different types of portrait I offer – Graphite portrait and Detailed Colour pencil pencil.

Graphite portraits are slightly less detailed and quicker to do than the colour portraits, so these are a lower cost option. The start at just £50. They still capture the likeness of the subject, and are done using the same paper as the colour portraits. They are also a good choice if your reference photos aren’t brilliant. Sometimes the reference photo isn’t clear enough for me to get any real detail from it, so the best option is a sketch.

Detailed Colour portrait are much more intricate. They capture all the little details, but do require a good quality image to work from – if I can’t see the little details, I can’t draw them!

Once you’ve decided on a size and type, please contact me via email ( or Facebook .

Here’s what to include in your message:

– The reference photos if you have them ready (if you don’t have them to hand or have actual photographs you need to post to me, that’s fine, just let me know exactly what you would like done.)

– What will I be drawing? Is it just the single portrait, or will it be multiple subjects? Are you looking for a head/neck portrait or full body shots?

– The type portrait you would like – Colour or Graphite. If you would like quotes for more than one type, just let me know.

– The size you would like. If you are undecided, you can always ask for advice. If you are simply unsure, please just let me know your budget and I’ll be able to advise. (This also applies to the type, if you have £100 to spend and want to know what options are available for that, please don’t hesitate to ask.)

– If you need it for a certain date. If the present is a gift and needed by a particular date, please tell me so I can let you know if I can do it in time.

– If you think you may want to pay in instalments. The normal payment is 50% deposit and 50% on completion but I do also accept instalments.

From this information, I’ll be able to give you a personalised quote, a time slot and all the correct details you’ll need.

After deciding on size, type and reference photos, the next step is to place the deposit. Once that’s been done, you’re all booked in and your order is guaranteed!

You’ll be placed in the queue and as soon as I can, I’ll get started on your portrait. If the portrait isn’t being done as a surprise, I’ll usually post work in progress shots on social media.

Once the portrait is finished, I’ll message you proof images of the finished drawing to approve.

Then it’s just the remaining payment to be placed and your portrait will be packaged and postage to you!


(T&c’s can be checked out here)

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