2019 Commissioned Portrait Orders



This year has exceeded my expectations so far when it comes to commissioned portraits. My wait time last year was 4-5 weeks, but this year has been almost double that at around 8 weeks. That is why I’m asking people to consider ordering early so that I don’t have to turn anyone away. I hate having to say no, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to fit the portrait in.

If you are thinking about booking a portrait for this year, but are thinking you still have plenty of time, that might not be the case, especially if you would like it for the later half of the year.

Below are the ways to secure an order:
1- 50% deposit. This is the usual way people book portraits in. Approximately 50% up front, and the remaining 50% on completion. Best suited if you’d just like the portrait done asap, or if you’d rather not remember to place instalments!

2- Small Deposit. You can secure your slot with as little as £10. Your order, quote and time-slot is guaranteed with that. All you need to do then is pay 50% of the price a minimum of 4 weeks before you would like the portrait. The remaining 50% is paid on completion. As an example, if your portrait comes to £100, you secure the slot with £10, 4 weeks before you would like the portrait, you pay £40, and then when the portrait is completed, you place the remaining £50.

3- Instalments. Instalments are totally suited to you. You can pay any amount, over any length of time. You will need to pay in full before the portrait is posted to you, and you will need to pay 50% before the portrait is started, but apart from that, they’ll be adjudged to your needs completely. I’m going to give some examples below of instalment packages available for the rest of the year. These are just examples, but if they work for you, that’s great! Full details on instalments can be found here, so please take the time to check them out.


Instalment Package Suggestions.

£20 a month sound good? In 5 payments, you could have a 6 x 8 inch Detailed Colour portrait, or a 8 x 10 inch Detailed Graphite. Not big enough? Go for the 12 x 14 inch Graphite Sketch instead!

£200 – Go for a 20 x 20inch Graphite Sketch half body portrait, a 12 x 12 inch Detailed Graphite head/neck portrait or a 10 x 12 inch Detailed Colour head/neck portrait. Why not try £50 a month for four months or have it done in time for Christmas with just over a £1 a day! £30 deposit in June, then £35 per month for 4 months, and a remaining payment of £30.

£420 – Looking for a mid-size Detailed Colour portrait? You could try a 12 x 16 inch (A3) Detailed Colour head/neck portrait. Fantastic size for horses, or dogs! You could have that finished in December for just £60 a month – perfect Christmas gift!

Go big or go home! The largest size I offer [without ordering bigger size paper in] is the 22 x 30 inch. Makes a real statement piece in your home. £1200 for the largest head/neck portrait in Detailed Colour. Book now in June, and in 6 payments of £200, you could have this by November! Bit too much? Why not check the price list, you’ll be surprised at how little a huge Graphite sketch portrait could cost you!

We Three Kings – do you know the famous painting of the race horses? I’m asked for triple subject portraits similar to that gorgeous painting a lot. Is it right for you or are you really thinking of splashing out on that special someone for Christmas?
Go for the largest size at £1430 for a Detailed Colour triple subject and place a deposit of £230, then 6 payments of £200.
Too big? 16 x 20 inch more suitable? £140 deposit and 6 payments of £110 instead.
Again, not right for you? Change the size and type and you could be paying as little as £30 a month for a triple subject portrait, done in time for Christmas. Mad, right?!

Hope that’s helped give everyone an idea! Please get in touch if you would like to chat about booking a portrait. You can check full info on how to order here it has all the details you need to know!
If you would like to contact me, you can use the contact page here or email beckie.bray@googlemail.com or you can find me at facebook or instagram [@beckiebrayart]

Thank you!



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